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Data Protection Notice


The purpose of this Notice is to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR], that is to say Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

This Notice is for the benefit of existing and future clients. It is of no use at all to website browsers.

It is important to distinguish between data processing requiring your consent, and data processing not requiring your consent.

We are on purpose keeping this Notice short and simple, avoiding junk.

Under Article 6 of the GDPR we do not need your consent in order to process your personal data for the following purposes :

- for tasks at the request of a data subject [that's you] who is in the process of entering a contract;

- to protect the vital interests of a data subject;

- for the legitimate interests of a data controller [that's us] or a third party.

The personal data that we collect concerning you consists of the following :

- your nationality, personal address, email address, and telephone number; and your occupation;

- your full names, date and place of birth, and where relevant, date and place of marriage, or date and place of divorce and the names of your children and sometimes their ages.

We have to obtain the foregoing particulars and onwards transfer them to the French Notary because without them the Notary cannot do his or her job.

In supplying the above-mentioned particulars to us, we consider that you have consented to the data processing of the same, but the Regulation says that your consent must be explicit, freely-given and non-ambiguous. If and in so far as these requirements are not met by you simply sending us the information, we will here repeat that, as explained above, we do not need your consent in order to process the said personal data on our computers and to send the data to the French Notary or French Estate Agent, or any other person or entity involved with your file in France.

We will not disclose your personal data to any person or entity other than those directly involved with your file which can include, in addition to the French Notary and French Estate Agent, a French lending bank, a French Insurer, a French Land Surveyor, a French specialist for reports on asbestos, risks of lead poisoning, termites, electrical installations, and similar matters, or, in the case of a dispute in France, a French Advocate. This little list is not necessarily exhaustive. .

The Solicitors Regulation Authority requires us to maintain our files for six years after your transaction has completed. Your personal data may remain on our computers for the said six years or even longer in our discretion.

You have a right to view your personal data on our computers to make sure that we have got it all correct.

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