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How We Work

Our general purpose and function is to make sure that you get what you think you are getting with no nasty surprises.  We want you to be on a ship that gets there, not the Titanic.

We provide detailed written reports on the Contract and on the Deed. We provide French Wills. Where appropriate we provide letters on the various French taxes involved.

A French Notary has to be used for the purchase or sale of a French property. Normally one Notary acts for both Vendor and Purchaser, and normally it is the Vendor's Notary who is chosen because he already has the title deeds. We always liaise and collaborate fully with the Notary involved in your matter.

Where appropriate, we write additional suspensive conditions into your Contract, or request the Notary to do so.

We check in particular planning matters, rights of way and adverse rights generally.

We also usually at any one time have a few litigation cases going on, where we liaise thoroughly with the necessary French Advocate.

Some French law books we use :

  • Civil Code
  • Planning Code
  • Construction Code
  • General Code of Taxation
  • Insurance Code
  • Companies Code
  • Rural Code
  • Criminal Code
  • New Code of Civil Procedure

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