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Case Study One

You bought a piece of land.  According to the title deed it consisted of two hectares, i.e. approximately 4.9400 acres.  Later you discover that it only consists of one and a half hectares.

Can you rescind or demand a reduction of price?

No, however great the shortfall.

You buy a flat in a block.  According to the title deed the habitable surface area is 70 m².

Later you discover that the surface area is only 60 m². 

Can you rescind or demand a reduction of price?

No, because the  shortfall is less than 20 %.

But if you had discovered that the true surface area was only 50 m², meaning a shortfall of over 20 %,  then in those circumstances you could demand a proportionate reduction of price provided that you commence your action within one year from the date of the Deed of Sale to you.  Whether you could rescind would depend on the precise circumstances.


French Property

Here is a typical French property.  After grappling with all those rights of way,  French inheritance laws, French taxes and all the rest of it,  here you are, peace and quiet at last.

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