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Selling a French Property

  • We provide a detailed report on the Contract stating all relevant terms and conditions. A full translation is not necessary.
  • We help you with all matters appertaining to French capital gains tax, explaining how it is calculated, making our own calculation of it for you, and telling you what you have to do. This matter is often more complicated than you thought. In particular the French Tax Administration is more strict and more demanding that you thought. We can be most helpful in guiding you through all this.
  • We liaise with the French Estate agent and/or French Notary and with the Purchaser. This ensures that all changes and conditions are acceptable to the Purchaser.
  • We subsequently examine the draft Deed of Sale prepared by the French Notary and report on it to you in writing.
  • We stay with you until you have received your net sale proceeds.
  • French Social Charges :  from 2012 - 2015 the French Social Charges were ruled out of order by the European Union Court at Luxembourg.  But France has rejigged its system and has with effect from 1 January 2016 re-imposed the Social Charges.  They amount to 15.5% of the price.  You have to pay them on top of French Capital Gains Tax.  The manner of calculation makes this less heavy than it seems at first sight.

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