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The Viaduct at Millau, France          

The Tallest Bridge in the World          

(designed by a British Architect)         


We are your legal bridge to your           French property.          

Ride high with us !          


Website of Sean O'Connor, French Property Lawyer

We are French Property Law specialists.

Sean O'Connor is a Solicitor admitted to practice in England and Wales. 

Sean O'Connor & Co. is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under No. 111473.  We are a small, personal service firm consisting simply of Sean O'Connor and two Secretaries.  We specialise in French property, nothing else.

Here is a recent picture of Sean O'Connor.

Introductory message from Sean O'Connor

I can read complicated French legal documents just as easily as you read your morning newspaper. I can also write in French to French Notaries and French Estate Agents spot on. I work in French every day.  


I can help you on the following matters :

  1. (a)  French property purchases, to include in particular the Preliminary Contract (Compromis de Vente) and the Deed of Sale (Acte de Vente), and all matters connected therewith.
  3. (b)  French property sales, to include in particular French Capital Gains Tax and the French Social Charges.
  5. (c)  French inheritances, to include in particular French Inheritance Tax and French Notarial Vesting Attestations.
  7. (d)  Transfers of interests in a French property by one joint owner to another.
  9. (e)  Disputes and contentious legal proceedings in France concerning French properties.


In what follows I will try to help you understand France a bit better.


Its economy is slightly on the upturn. Its vigorous young President Emmanuel Macron is strongly in favour of the European Union. His party ‘En Marche’ (On the Go) has 308 seats in the National Assembly and his Allies have another 42, making 350 in all. So, he has the support of more than 60% of the National Assembly’s 577 seats.

The French temperament tends towards riot and insurrection but craves order. The French Revolution was an exception to the general rule that France likes to have a strong ruler, such as Louis XIV, Napoleon, General De Gaulle, and now President Macron keeping it functioning normally.

The French consider themselves to be highly individualistic, and they tell you so. But then you find that they all have lunch at precisely Noon, and that they all passionately love France.

The French are on the whole a highly educated people, and, wait for it, they think in French all day! French is a quick sort of language. You have got to be with it at once. If you can’t decide instantly what wine you want, the waiter ticks you off.

Be careful about telling a French person what you think. You have got to start with what the French person thinks, not you.
Cheer up : French is a cheerful language, and to be French means not only to be quick-witted but also to be very witty. Yes, France is full of life.


Vive la France!

Vive you!


We aim, here, to provide a solid, sturdy, reliable and at the same time pleasant professional service.

We offer a choice of package fees or hourly rate for purchases and sales.  Package will normally be best for you.


Our contact particulars are as follows :

Telephone 01732 365 378

Email :

Postal address : 54 The Drive, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2LR.

Kind regards,


5 July 2019

What We Do

Our full range of French law and French property legal services

  • Legal advice for French Property Sales and Purchases

  • French Inheritance Law

  • French Inheritance Tax

  • French Capital Gains Tax

  • Transferring and Dividing Assets

  • Winding up of Estates

  • Property disputes in France

  • French contentious proceedings

All our staff are bilingual

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Notre Dame

The rose windows in the North and South transepts of Notre Dame Cathedral have been saved.  They date from 1250 a.d. (North) and 1260 a.d. (South) and they rank amongst the finest and most beautiful works of art in the world.  May you live to see them fully restored.  The Notre Dame organ, initially built in the 15th Century and with enhancements since, has been saved. It has about 8,000 pipes.  May you live to hear it played.


  1. "Man is only a reed, but a reed that thinks"


  1. (Upon first being handed a cup of British hot drink)
  2. “Is it tea or is it coffee?”